Principal Civil Engineer

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Principal Civil Engineer
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Under the supervision of the CHGS.1 Division Manager (Operations and Maintenance Division), the Principal Civil Engineer is responsible for the management and monitoring of works and maintenance services on Bank-owned real estate (land, buildings, structures and miscellaneous civil engineering infrastructure, etc.) and premises occupied by the Bank at its headquarters and in the country offices:

Operate and maintain all of the Bank's immovable and movable property at Headquarters and the country offices
Define and implement the Bank’s administrative and investment budgets for infrastructure;
Conduct the execution of new or renovation works and ensure the management of works contracts and maintenance services of the Bank's infrastructure at Headquarters and in the country offices.

Duties and responsibilities:
Plan and coordinate construction projects for buildings and civil engineering works, improvement and renovation of the Bank's real estate assets.
Initiate and coordinate studies the execution of works and services necessary to improve buildings and installations.
Participate in the development of the Bank's investment programs real-estate infrastructure (buildings, premises and office space, residences, etc.) and the management of the related investment and operating budgets.
Participate in the implementation of internal procedures to monitor and inspect new works and maintenance services meet the Bank’s objectives.
Oversee the preparation and drafting of technical dossier
Develop standard specifications and terms of reference to procure and maintain workspaces and residences in the Bank’s country offices.
Participate, in liaison with the coordination unit of the country offices, in implementing the installation of the country offices including identifying spaces for rent, adapted to the standards of the Bank.
Participate in multidisciplinary teams responsible for investment projects and specific refurbishments.
Design and apply innovative approaches; work in a team, and draw conclusions, maintain good interpersonal relationships, communicate and be detail-oriented and be customer-oriented.
Keep abreast of developments in construction and civil engineering techniques and standards and make recommendations for submission to the Division Manager.
Act as the head or acting manager of the Head of Buildings Section in the event of absence.


Titulação mínima
MBA / Mestrado
Experiência exigida
6 Anos
Inglês, Francês
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Hold at a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering or Public Works or an equivalent degree in a related discipline; additional training in the Bank's rules and procedures for the procurement of works, goods and services would be a plus.
Possess at least six (6) years of relevant experience in construction and operating real estate infrastructure in an international setting and five (05) years in engineering consultancy, construction or building maintenance services.
Possess sound experience in the planning, and management of complex works and services projects and programs
Possess knowledge of civil engineering techniques, characteristics of building construction, road paving and sanitation networks materials.
Possess skills in budget management and procurement of works, goods and services.
Serve as a specialist on all matters relating to the Bank's real estate infrastructure (buildings, land, offices, residences, etc.) at headquarters and in the country offices.
Propose promoting high environmental quality and the operating and maintenance costs of Bank buildings at headquarters and workspaces in the country offices.
Develop standard specifications for the procurement and maintenance of country office premises.
Ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English or French with a good working knowledge of the other language.
Proficiency in standard Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Access, ); knowledge of SAP would be a plus.


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African Development Bank

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