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lead messager
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The Communications Specialist will be responsible for managing and executing our email correspondence in Polish to ensure effective communication with clients, partners, and internal teams.

Key Responsibilities:

Draft and send emails in Polish to clients, partners, and other stakeholders as required.
Update and maintain the accuracy of email content, including company names and personal details, to reflect any changes in our business environment.
Ensure that all communications are tailored to the recipients and adhere to the company's standards and branding guidelines.
Monitor incoming emails and coordinate responses, ensuring that all communications are addressed timely and professionally.
Maintain records of all sent and received correspondence for reporting and compliance purposes.

Proficiency in English.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Attention to detail and accuracy in handling company information and personal data.
Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize effectively.
Experience with email management tools and office software.
This position plays a vital role in maintaining the professionalism and accuracy of our communications, reflecting the company's commitment to quality and effective stakeholder engagement.


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new water

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newwater is a leading social media marketing agency based in Poland, specializing in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through strategic and creative use of social media platforms. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions and tangible results for our clients across various industries.

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