Electrical / Instrumentation / systems - Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Preparation (Resident)

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Electrical / Instrumentation / systems - Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Preparation (Resident)
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Scope of the SERVICE:
The SERVICE consists in warranting the conformity of pre-commissioning documents prepared by contractors with Company
specifications, in preparing commissioning documents, for all RFM, WO or any other kind of project when required. Besides
the preparation, the service may include as well the assistance or the commissioning execution whenever requested by the
Assets (, Dalia or Girassol).
The pre-commissioning and commissioning preparation or execution of piping / structure, electrical / instrumentation and
other type of work (HVAC, etc) required on COMPANY oil & gas installations will be done always in accordance with
Company Specification about the subject.
This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following parts:
Technical SERVICES:
- To attend the meetings for engineering discussions.
- To check the basic engineering dossier, and indicate any deviation related to specifications.
- To establish battery limits for pre-commissioning and commissioning.
- To check the detailed engineering dossier and indicate any deviation related to specifications.
- To assist contractors to establish the structure of the pre-commissioning dossier.
- To estimate commissioning cost.
- To check the good coherence of the final report regarding Company, contractors and suppliers documents.
- To provide support to works preparators and supervisors.
- To assure that Company specifications on pre-commissioning and commissioning activities are fully implemented.

Commissioning SERVICES :
- To make and update a planning of the activities.
- To keep the Assets (Dalia, Girassol) informed about all commissioning requirements (tests, personnel and material).
- To execute all activities related to commissioning preparation, in accordance with Company specifications.
- To assist Assets (Dalia, Girassol) in the commissioning execution whenever requested.
- To maintain files and records for review by Company auditors.

Inspection and Control SERVICES :
- To verify quality of Contractor equipment to ensure it is despatched fit for intended service.
- To verify technical conformity of proposed solutions, materials and drawings and prefabrication at Contractors

Communication SERVICES :
- To participate on site when required to project 'Kick off Meetings'.
- To participate to regular progress coordination and shutdown preparation meetings.
- To follow-up invitations to tender' and organise clarification regarding pre & commissioning activities.


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5 Anos
Não definido
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Preferentemente nacionalidade angolana
Imprescindível falar inglês
Experiência comprovável no sector petrolífero
Certificação BOSIET HUET
Conhecimentos de Office a nível usuario
Possibilidade de relocação entre as províncias (Luanda, Soyo, Cabinda)


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Simples Oil

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